Ketamine Therapy for Depression and Chronic Pain

Experience profound and rapid healing, transcending mere symptomatic relief for treatment-resistant mood disorders and chronic pain through the power of Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Our Mission

To empower you with the cutting-edge psychotropic solutions of tomorrow to abolish pain & depression today.

The Power of Ketamine Therapy

Are you trapped in the endless cycle of chronic pain that just won’t release its grip? You’ve endured weeks, months, and now even years of this relentless suffering. Each night, you lay in bed, praying for a miracle that will make the pain vanish by morning. Sleep eludes you, and your thoughts, clouded by a relentless fog, overshadow every facet of your existence. It feels like every aspect of your life is crumbling, especially your job, which is taking a toll on your well-being.

You’ve tried the conventional route — prescription drugs and surgeries — but they’ve only left you with lingering side effects and a profound sense of despair. The mind fog has settled in, and you’re uncertain if this is your new reality, if you’ll be trapped in this never-ending nightmare forever. You are depressed.

In the midst of this darkness, there’s a guiding light. If you’re battling depression or living with the unyielding grip of chronic pain, Vita Nova stands as your beacon of hope. We see and feel your struggles, both physical and emotional, and we’re here to guide you on a path less traveled toward healing and vitality. Our board-certified physicians and nurses deliver groundbreaking treatments, from psychedelic-assisted therapies to immersive VR experiences, and the transformative power of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Our approach transcends medication; we are committed to healing your mind and body, optimizing your life in the process. Silence your suffering, and make the decision to invest in yourself — because you truly deserve it. Allow Vita Nova to be your springboard to a future illuminated by hope, healing, possibilities, and dare we say, a new life.

Traditional Antidepressants vs Ketamine

Antidepressants Ketamine
Target specific symptoms of depression. Targets the root causes of depression and various mental health issues.
May have a numbing effect on emotions. Tends to awaken emotions and experiences.
Typically takes weeks to show noticeable effects. Provides relief within hours or even after a single session.
Effects may last as long as the medication is taken. Effects of ketamine can last for weeks to months with proper integration.
Must be taken daily as prescribed. Given at various dosing schedules; easy to start and stop.
Act as dials on neurotransmitters, regulating their levels. Boosts neurotransmitters while also repairing and growing the brain.
Trial and error to find right medication and dose. Ketamine tends to have a more predictable and consistent response in many cases.
Can cause troublesome side effects for some individuals. Typically causes only mild and temporary side effects, with fewer and less severe reactions.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Process




Utilizing the Wheel of Life: We begin by using the Wheel of Life tool to pinpoint areas in one’s life that may require improvement, laying the foundation for a customized treatment plan.

Self Assessment KP



Personalized Program Development

Assessment by Licensed Clinicians: Drawing upon the results of the Wheel of Life assessment and an individual’s history, our team of licensed clinicians at Vita Nova Clinic formulates a tailored program that addresses the person’s unique requirements.

Personalized Program Development KP



Exploring the Potential of Ketamine:

Examining the Role of Ketamine: We consider whether incorporating ketamine into the treatment plan could be advantageous.

Exploring the Potential of Ketamine KP



Treatment Plans

Creating a Set & Setting: Our clinic provides a secure space for in-depth exploration of thoughts and emotions.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

This is a pivotal element that combines ketamine treatment with psychotherapy to achieve profound results.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy KP



Recognizing the importance of the entire setting during ketamine infusion, including music, we offer curated playlists to enhance the ketamine experience.

Musicology KP


Supplementary Journaling Sessions

These sessions aim to help individuals process their experiences with clarity and purpose.

4.3 Supplementary Journaling Sessions KP by Vita Nova Ketamine Wellness in Baltimore MD



Incorporating Diverse Therapies

Following the initial ketamine infusion therapy, the need for booster doses may vary. We intend to extend the time between booster doses by implementing these approaches:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Vitamin Infusions
  • Mental Health Virtual Reality



Continuous Assessment & Support

Reevaluation using the Wheel of Life and Journaling: We continually assess progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.

Continuous Assessment



Support Groups and Online Forums

Patients are encouraged to join support groups and engage in online forums to foster a sense of community and find inspiration.

Support Groups



Sustained Dedication to Personal Growth

Vita Nova Clinic’s Holistic Philosophy: Our clinic places a strong emphasis on a holistic and personalized approach to each individual’s journey toward mental health and personal development.

Personal Growth

Ketamine therapy offers rapid and effective symptom alleviation, freeing you from the shackles of chronic pain and emotional turmoil.

Unlike many traditional medications, ketamine stands apart with its minimal adverse effects, allowing you to focus on your recovery and reclaim your life.

KAP fosters profound emotional connections, enhancing self-understanding and long-term emotional resilience for a more fulfilling life.

Our innovative approach synergizes the potent effects of ketamine with immersive virtual reality experiences, crafting a holistic path to recovery that soothes both mind and body, and accelerates your journey towards emotional and physical well-being.

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