IM Shots

By delivering essential vitamins and minerals directly into muscle tissue, an Intramuscular (IM) shot significantly enhances nutrient bioavailability.

The steady absorption into the bloodstream and bypassing of first-pass metabolism render it a more potent alternative to oral supplements.

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Vita Nova Vitamin B12 IM Shot

Vitamin B-12 IM Shot

Hydroxocobalamin is a form of manufactured, injectable vitamin B12, a vitamin found in food and used as a dietary supplement. Vitamin B12 helps to utilize fats and carbohydrates for energy and make new proteins. It is important in the maintenance of our metabolism, blood cells, and nerve function. Most people get enough vitamin B12 in their diet, but some need supplementation in certain health conditions such as intestinal or stomach problems, poor nutrition, cancer, HIV, pregnancy, old age, veganism and alcoholism.

Vita Nova Glutathione IM Shot

Glutathione IM Shot

L-Glutathione, a dynamic antioxidant crafted from cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid, plays a critical role in powering mitochondria, synthesizing DNA, and purifying the brain and cells from toxins. It fortifies immune health, energizes metabolism, and aids in tissue repair and enzyme functions. This powerhouse combats aging and wards off degenerative diseases by neutralizing free radicals. While naturally produced in the liverand ubiquitous in every cell, glutathione, found in nutrient-rich foods like spinach and avocados, is less effective when ingested.

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